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“Experience efficient and sustainable agriculture with our vertical farming using aeroponic towers, maximizing space and yield for optimal crop production.”


Commercial Hydro Towers: Revolutionizing Urban Agriculture

A quality hydroponic vertical garden is an extremely efficient method of growing your own herbs & vegetables 

  • Turnkey Solutions: Fully automated systems for easy operation.
  • Minimum Order: 10 towers required for all countries.
  • Modular Design: Accommodates up to 52 plants per tower.
  • Versatile Farming: Suitable for various environments like outdoors, indoors with LED lights, and rooftops.
  • Wide Applicability: Ideal for professional growers, businesses, institutions, and even home use.

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Commercial Hydro Towers

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Explore answers to common queries about our vertical hydro towers and our commitment to renewable energy. From technical specifications to installation processes, our FAQ section aims to provide clarity and support to our customers, ensuring a seamless experience as you embark on your journey towards sustainable energy solutions.”

What plants grow best in a hydroponic tower?

These towers use nutrient-rich water and can fit in small spaces. Vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers do very well in hydroponic towers. Herbs like basil and mint also flourish, giving you fresh flavors all year round.

How do you increase TDS in hydroponic water?

If the TDS falls outside the desired range, make necessary adjustments by either adding more nutrients or diluting the solution with fresh water. Keep track of the TDS readings to monitor trends and ensure consistent nutrient levels.

Are hydroponic towers efficient?

A quality hydroponic vertical garden is an extremely efficient method of growing your own herbs & vegetables by stacking layers of vertical planters into a hydroponic garden tower. Vertical hydroponics uses less space and will usually produce significantly more yield than standard horizontal gardening methods.

How long does it take to run a hydroponics tower?

If you have a Foody 8 Tower, and are living in an area with high humidity, you may want to set your timer to run the pump every 30 minutes out of each hour.

How do you maintain a hydroponic tower?
8 Tower Garden Maintenance steps, plus a FREE cheat sheet
  1. Check for pests and diseases. …
  2. Check water level. …
  3. Check pH. …
  4. Give it a clean. …
  5. Clean the filter. …
  6. Trim the Roots. …
  7. Empty and refill the reservoir with fresh water and nutrients. …
  8. Thoroughly clean your Tower Garden.

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